Yorkshire terrier peeing in house. When we're with him, he pees and poos outside and also alerts me to his needs.

25.05.2018 Zulusida 5 Comments

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I praised him and rewarded him with a cookie whenever he would go the bathroom outside.

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If the pup is used to spend most of the day in the living room, it makes no sense to put the puppy pad in the bedroom, right?

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I have crate-trained 3 dogs and none peed in the house, that is, unless I didn't notice them standing at the back door -with their legs crossed ;- Good luck.

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Feed the doggie always at the same time and then take him outside in about 15 minutes.

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Just because a dog is small, it doesn't mean they can't be dominant.

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Usually, this depends on the age — the younger he is, the more often you have to bring him out.

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This is not a housebreaking issue at all.

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Dogs are worth all the headaches!

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Yorkie Won't Stop Pissing Everywhere!!

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Do not respond to barking or calls for attention.