Weight gain stories dimensions magazine. Another Munchie dumped the last of a bag of peanut butter cups in front of her.

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The Munchies always made sure that Sarah bought goodies from the store, so there was always one more cake to be eaten, or one more pint of ice cream, or one more candy bar.

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You've shown me pictures of what you used to look like, and you were lovely with all your curves.

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She wished that she could talk to Paul, but she knew that it would be too awkward.

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I was delighted when Katie told me about being Santa.

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Sarah swiped the doughnut from the Munchie and began chomping.

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Her turquoise eyes, usually bright and shiny, were glazed and dull from countless hours of staring at the TV screen.

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They looked rather harmless-- comical, even--and they seemed oddly familiar somehow.

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