Water weenie squirt gun clip. Some even have lever handles that make pumping a breaze.

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An example of a clip which has been found to be particularly suitable for use in this preferred embodiment is a standard metal "sausage clip" used to clip the ends of plastic meat wrappers and pleasure beach eve myles sausage casings.

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In the embodiment shown, the bottom portion 94 of the split ring assembly is integrally formed as a single piece unit with the body of the clamp

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But they were devestating in a water fight, like super soakers are today.

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The plugged end of the tube remains substantially uncovered, thus presenting an injury hazard in the event free ebony tribadism videos if the end plug should blow out of the tubing in such a manner as to become a projectile.

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Using a spray gun to make a flame thrower would have the same effect, except you would be in the center of the blast.

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I bought surgical tubing of the same dimension but when I filled it the very first time, it burst.

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Stopper There are any number of ways to fill a water weenie.

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Thus, such constant pressure squirt toys do not require the inclusion of a pump device for manually pumping the water as in the "squirt annuaire site xxx type toys of the prior art.

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Thus the end clip 20 is not limited to a "sausage clip" as described herein, although, in this embodiment, a standard "sausage clip" has been found to be fully acceptable for use in accordance with the invention.

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