Virgin valley opals nv. The Virgin Valley is home to antelope, a wide variety of species of birds, and beautiful flowers.

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Precious Opal from the Virgin Valley.

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How To Mine for Opals.

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These wonderful specimens flash and gleam with a rainbow of brilliant reds, blues, greens and purples in a jet black matrix.

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They also set up an exhibit in the capitol building.

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A sweet touch at the CCC Camp, from a local boyscout troop.

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It was well worth the wait.

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There are no a free areas open to precious opal prospecting and collecting by rock hounds that do not wish to pay for access.

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The Royal Peacock Opal Helen crump naked has yielded such treasures as Freda's Log pictured above"the Shoe", and the pound Gingko Log, one of the largest opals ever found, anywhere in the world.

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In we were at the mine and found a huge peacock opalabout cts.

I dug the wall hard for 7 hours at the Royal Peacock Mine, and got nothing to show for it.