Vintage computer monitor. These use the relatively long decay period of the phosphor glow to reduce flickering and eye strain.

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Vintage HP Computers:

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Clarity[ edit ] Pixel for pixel, the monochrome monitors produce sharper text and images than color CRT monitors.

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Vintage IBM Computers:

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Alto Xerox,

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Beautiful shape and look.

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Meaningful though it may have been to you, your trusty old ThinkPad running Windows 98 has little monetary value and no historical significance.

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Readers had to build the Intel based machine themselves from scratch, true love 95 savegame they ended up with something that sure looked like a computer, with circuit boards sticking out of a metal box with toggle switches.

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Lots of original examples are still out there for people who'd like to own the great-granddaddy of today's Windows Vista boxes.