The shark steamer sucks. I have just filled the canister with white vinegar and am soaking the nozzle also, I will get back to this and see if it has had any effect.

01.07.2018 Zololrajas 5 Comments

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It swivels easily, has a very thin design, and boasts a 23 foot cord.

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This company has a total lack of proper customer support.

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I owned an X5 prior and my floors looked amazing after the first go.

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I paid more for this brand and model of vacuum, trusting that it would function fully, without repairs, for a reasonable period of time.

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Funny how they have no email to complain to

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I have owned this one now for almost 2 years and not a problem and my sons is still going strong.

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It rarely has any difference in features as compared to that of the cordless steam cleaner except that it comes with a power hose.

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I am angry but have learned my lesson.

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My house is pretty clean and it's not like I am vacuuming up anything huge.