Stretching foreskin with erect penis. I use the Novoglan twice a week and the spots have not returned and it's been a year.

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What does this mean and how is it solved?

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My penis is big, long and fat, but I can only pull my foreskin passed my penis head only, not my whole penis.

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Rinse thoroughly to remove soap residue when you are finished stretching.

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The exersises where you gently stretch it out every single day is very effective.

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A recent study concludes that acetaminophen might reduce our ability to empathize with someone who is having a positive experience.

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Over the years I have put weight and my penis has got a lot smallerI had a hip sable nude pics done and woke up with a tube in my penisso not sure if that had any thing to do with this 4 years ago but over this time my four skin is getting tighter to the point on pain I have tried creams from over the counter but not that good whats next.