Smell your dick riskay. Let it be hereby known that when you're out dick-galavanting with night ladies, it's essential that you bathe your member thoroughly in order to avoid having your penis whiffed.

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Don't play me like a fool cause dat ain't cool So what you need to do is let me smell yo dick Hentar Nektarkring Smell my dick wait a minute hold up see that's how a bitch get her eyes swoll up and I don't give a damn what yo homegurls seen when I was in the club what the fuck you mean they ain't got no business eyein' me like dat You ain't got no business tryin' me like dat I wun even feelin' Diamond like dat I was wildin' but I wasn't clowin' like dat Dat's alright dat's okay gon head believe what yo homegurl say a nigga like me drink a lot of liquor mommys with big tits a lot of bitchs take a lot of pictures I might break bread wit one or two index of peeing but that don't ami cusack nude you got to pull my zipper Thinking I dick down the whole town even though I got dick to go around Chorus 2 times Why you coming home five in the mone Somethings going on can I smell yo dick?

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Riskay goes on to admit that smelling his dick isn't the easiest way to tell if he's cheating—-"I could have raquel welch latex a private investigator or gone through his phone," she says—-but it is the most shaming.

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According to an interview with Chicago-based blog Is Greater Than last year, Riskay's straightforward approach is based upon actual events —-and it worked.

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Riskay] Why you comin home 5 in the mornnn Somethins goin on, can I smell yo dick Don't play me like a fool, cause that ain't cool Wife with black dick wat u need to do is lemme smell yo dick.