Pussycat dolls ft busta rhymes don t cha lyrics. Backing Vocals.

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Make the place sizzle like a summertime cookout Prowl for the best chick, yes I'm on the lookout let's dance Slow banging foto di belle donne nude like a belly dancer with it Smell good, pretty skin, so gangsta with it oh, baby No tricks only escorts in mount carmel pa under my sleeve Gimme the number, but make sure you call before you leave I know you like me I know you like me I know you do I know you do That's why whenever I come around She's all over you And I know you want it I know you want it It's easy to see it's easy to see And in the back of your mind I know You should be on with me Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

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This song is from the album "PCD:

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