Peeing on the potty but not pooping. Most toddlers just hold the poop in, which causes constipation and can lead to a medical condition called encopresis.

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You wait and wait and wait — but it's a no-go.

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So I hope using the potty is quick and easy for her.

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Make up a funny potty song that you sing together or do a happy dance around the bathroom.

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As you found when you withheld her pull-up, this can quickly turn into a big power struggle, which will make your training even more difficult.

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Read children's storybooks about potty training to her, such as Everyone Poops or The Princess and the Pottyto help get her used to the idea of pooping in the potty.

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Thanks for sharing that one!

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However, if your child has no interest in using the potty or you've started potty training and it's become a power struggle, it may be time to retreat for barber shop swot analysis while.