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Take it from a former fluffy girl, it happens a lot less than it used to.

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Earlier, we mentioned how overflow incontinence was a common issue for those who take certain medications.

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Learning how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, especially after pregnancy, childbirth, or an injury, can be extremely beneficial.

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All kidding aside, most women have this issue, just watch a woman cough; they usually cross their legs…not be to cute, but because they will likely pee their pants….

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Pessaries and bladder supports make swimming possible.

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If there was a medication you could take to cease the spritz, would you try it?

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There are side effects of surgery like infections as well as it can cause worsened incontinence or an inability to urinate.

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These incontinence treatments will help most when the underlying cause of leaks is hormonal like menopause.

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As a result, when they stand up from the toilet urine leaks out.

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Several times a week I kegel while brushing my teeth and taking my curlers out, takes 10 minutes, and I use an interval training app to use a variety of exercises.

And, PSA:

I've expelled tampons with less exertion, I can't imagine how far I could shoot a ball, especially if I were wearing a singlet.