Pea sized lump near clitorus. A company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales company number

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Do try and stop googling symptoms as it rarely helps and tends to feed into increasing anxiety levels.

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That's another great suggestion.

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Contains personal information.

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No sooner did I see the doc for a bit of reassurance and then it went away of its own accord once I knew it wasn't 'naughty'.

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There is nothing to see, all looks normal but under the hood now after 3 months there is a hard ball and it seems to be pushing on my clitoris and the nerves which sends shooting pain carly cole naked into my pelvic area

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I've not had that type of cancer but I did find myself reading the info about a year ago because I wanted to check out some symptoms and I think you'll find it's very clearly written.

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I spent yesterday scowling the internet and actually its not fair to say there's no information - there's loads just no site mentions any other cystI guess what I'm looking for is validation it can't be anything seious.