Nude snl cast members. It's disappointing that Cosmo couldn't do something in the same vein.

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They are a group of smart, ambitious, driven, hilarious women.

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For a long time, some very vocal men have claimed that women simply aren't funny.

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To be sure, the women look absolutely gorgeous.

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We're glad to see the women of SNL have built such successful careers for themselves.

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Raphael Seth reports.

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The parody sees a confused Eve struggle to clarify God's rules when he tells the pair not to eat the forbidden fruit.

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The other Phillip Roth, the man who would later produce Robocroc and Rage of the Yeti and The Grudge 3 and two Lake Placid sequels, plus many, many more terrible films.

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The Girls star appeared nude in a spoof biblical movie trailer, telling the story of Adam and Eve in the style of the HBO show.