Norway factes that dont suck. One funny adverse effect due to the oil industry in Norway is that most prices are more expensive in Norway, and roads are worse.

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I especially liked that part with theā€¦ and so on.

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This is pretty spot-on.

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Living here however is a total disaster.

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Learning new languages is never easy.

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Dave says:

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The climate is also very different.

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I have no idea where you got the idea that we hate whales from.

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She was never rude to me even though I kind of kept spamming.

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As for the food!

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Norway has several species of whale, some almost as small as dolphins, and there are at least two species that regularly travel in the fjords, even the Oslo fjord.

There is also a certain science factor there.

Meanwhile, mum reports over 20C in the water at her local beach.