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Ten years later, whenever I am introduced at a lecture or other speaking engagement, I insist that the person introducing me mention that I have two sons.

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Men are still socialized to believe that their primary family obligation is to be the breadwinner; women, to believe that their primary family obligation is to be the caregiver.

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But the truth is, neither sequence is optimal, and both involve trade-offs that men do not have to make.

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They are headed to Utah for the Olympics and arrive late.

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If women are ever to achieve real equality as leaders, then we have to stop accepting male behavior and male choices as the default and the ideal.

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The pioneer generation of feminists walled off their personal lives from their professional personas to ensure that they could never be discriminated against for a lack of commitment to their work.

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With the exception of a few models travelling to Paris or New York, travelling was relatively unheard of for a model.

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Two of the three female justices are single with no children.

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Some Instagram models have gained high-profile modelling jobs and become celebrities.

Many women of my generation have found themselves, in the prime of their careers, saying no to opportunities they once would have jumped at and hoping those chances come around again later.

Merel Zoet is the small town Dutch girl turned runway regular Merel, 19, from Roelofarendsveen, loves researching, Mac Miller, and tv shows for old people.