Hormones after orgasm. Arch Sex Behav.

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Other theories which argue that the female orgasm serves a reproductive function argue that it plays a more indirect role.

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Our body gets grumpy and greedy — almost the same as if we hadn't orgasmed at all.

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This classification system is most concerned with the presence or absence of a partner during orgasm, rather than the stimulation techniques used to induce orgasm.

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Prolactin works as a dopamine inhibitor, curtailing our sex drives once we consummate orgasm and providing us with feelings of satiation and sexual gratification.

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The female sexual response:

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Rather they can only occur when the sexual act is focused on providing the female partner sexual pleasure.

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There is particularly good evidence regarding cardiovascular changes which occur during orgasm, including tachycardia increased heart rate and increased blood pressure.

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Pleasurable satisfaction; Relaxation; Emotional intimacy; and Ecstasy.

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De Cuypere, G.

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Orgasms can be defined in different ways using different criteria.

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