Hasidic women shaved heads. Be tolerant.

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Make Aliyah.

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What a disgrace.

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I knew we were in trouble the moment I saw the letter on the official United Talmudical Academy stationary in the mail.

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These communities are tight-knit and insular, with their own schools and, in a way, their own language — many Hasidic people still speak Yiddish, a Jewish dialect widely spoken before the Holocaust.

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In either case, persons holding such beliefs should adopt a more respectful attitude towards the laws of Kashrus, insofar as they might be based on other medical knowledge that the modern world does not yet know.

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Eager to learn, she approached a group outside Eastern Parkway, unaware it was the world headquarters of the movement, and was surprised to find herself welcomed in as an observer.

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We just stood there, numb.

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I remember staring at the pile of auburn hair in the vanity sink of the cozy basement apartment I now shared with my husband of less than a day.