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Ashe's hair costs crystals and her clothes cost crystals.

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Balthier tells him to let it go and tells Vaan he will teach him why he lost.

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Fran goes berserk from the Mist spewed by the Dawn Shard, and the group incapacitates their guards.

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As Ondore watches them be taken away, Vossler arrives to speak to Ondore, telling he does not trust him after his announcements that favored the Empire two years ago.

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Drace - Ghis - Bergan - Zargabaath.

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With Nalbina fallen, the Archadians plan to force Dalmasca into an unfair peace treaty.

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Referred to as gods by some, but unknown to the major religions in Ivalice, the Occuria race played a vital role in the history of Ivalice such as the creation of the Espers and granting power to King Raithwall to conquer the countries of Ivalice with the Dawn, Dusk, and Midlight han chae young nude of nethicite.

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There are all sorts of monsters out there, so you can never be too careful!