Erickson psychosocial stages young adults. Autonomy vs.

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The chapter featuring the model was titled 'The Eight Ages of Man'.

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The child now feels the need to win approval by demonstrating specific competencies that are valued by society and begin to develop a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

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During adolescence, the transition from childhood to adulthood is most important.

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Generativity vs.

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Erikson intentionally did not stipulate clear fixed age stages, and it's impossible for anyone to do so.

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Being incompetent "because of aging is belittling" and makes elders "like unhappy small children of great age".

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Parents are no longer the complete authorities they once were, although they are still important.

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Failure to successfully complete a stage can result in a reduced ability to complete further stages and therefore a more unhealthy personality and sense of self.