Choking on liquids diagnosis. You may choke, gag or cough when you try to swallow or have the sensation of food or fluids going down your windpipe trachea or up your nose.

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In DL Kasper et al.

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While eating the easiest-to-swallow foods, it is also important that the patient has a well-balanced diet.

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Compared with upper gastrointestinal radiography, videoradiographic studies are better in identifying patients with mild strictures and extrinsic compressions e.

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The cartilage should move cephalad against the physician's finger.

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Dysphagia can sometimes lead to further problems.

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Although swallowing difficulties can't be prevented, you can reduce your risk of occasional difficulty swallowing by eating slowly and chewing your food well.

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While the literature does not describe dysphagia caused by non-prescription drugs, it is always reasonable to inquire about this.

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Having one or more of the symptoms above does not mean you have esophageal cancer.

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Elderly patients are at the highest risk of dysphagia and its subsequent complications, especially silent aspiration.

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Horner J, Massey EW.

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