Cat peeing in potted plants. Add pine-cones to the plant.

20.04.2019 Moogulkis 9 Comments

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Cat pee can and will burn the roots of your plants, and while it inflicts measurable damage to garden plants outside, the destruction can be faster and more complete inside, where contained planters focus and concentrate the feline serinda swan hot pics.

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Then trim off all damaged leaves at the base, and cross your fingers.

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Cut a split in it and place it around the stem of the plant and place it so it lies over the soil.

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And what can you do about it?

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Put pine cones in the pot.

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Cats dislike the feel of it on their paws and most refuse to walk on it.

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Add an extra litter box to your household if you have more than one cat.

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Cut a plastic mat with grip on it to fit the pot, place sticky side up.

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