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In hypogonadal men, gynecomastia develops when estrogen formed by extraglandular aromatization of adrenal androgens is sufficient to cause breast enlargement in the face of profoundly low testosterone values

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Enlargement of the pituitary.

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Ferdinand Wagenseil, from the Institute of Anatomy at Freiburg but then at Tungchi University in Shanghai, conducted anthropometric studies on normal men from northern China 24and in he examined 31 eunuchs at the German Hospital in Beijing

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In an Emergency On-campus Resources.

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In the early years of the sect the surgical instrument was a red-hot iron rod or poker hence the expression baptism of firebut instruments of castration included pieces of glass, razors, and knives.

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The eunuchs of the Chinese court.

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The reason that gynecomastia develops in some but not all men with primary hypogonadism is not known.

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In contrast to China, ownership of eunuchs in Turkey was not limited to the royal palaces; any citizen who could afford the purchase price was entitled.

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