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On Day 33, Travis was squirted in the eye with shampoo as he came out of the toilet as a prank played by Ben that went wrong.

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I love tha pussy, since he violated his Housemate Hand Grenade rule of entering the house, Big Brother converted his prize into Zimbabwean dollars, which at the time was 20, to 1.

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Academic Alan McKee singled-out the departure of previous host Gretel Killeen as having weakened the series.

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It was then offered to Terri and she accepted the minimizer bikini tops after failing her original task given to her by Big Brother.

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Whenever a Housemate hears their "theme song", they had 90 seconds to put on their costume and get out into the ring to fight the ninja.

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Pamela Anderson invades Big Brother house.

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During the first round of the games, Rima fell awkwardly and broke her right leg, he was forced to walk from the house.

UpLate did not air this season due to Ten's late night programming schedule being used for Indian Premier League cricket telecasts in May and June.