Adult tube changing. Slow the rate of feeding or even take a short break, starting again when your child feels better flush the tube with warm water before resuming feeding.

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Test the balloon by attaching a luer slip syringe to the inflation valve.

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Remove the water from the balloon.

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Start the pump.

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Replacing an old PEG tube with a balloon-tip tube, rather than a mushroom-tip tube or a disc-tip tube, may minimize the risk of gastrocutaneous tract disruption[ 63 - 66 ].

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The x-ray must be interpreted by clinicians who have been deemed competent in assessing the position of feeding tubes by x-ray.

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Do not force the water flush.

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Withdraw the fluid from the balloon and note the volume in the syringe.

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Accordingly, this article describes three major principles of a safe PEG tube replacement:

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If you have a gastrostomy or jejunostomy tube, care of the skin surrounding the feeding site is very important.

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Excessive coughing.

Never fill the balloon with air.

Inflating the balloon slowly Almost done — inflate slowly seconds to complete: